“Verified badges help people more easily find the public figures, celebrities and brands they want to follow,” Instagram states. The company also notes that to be Verified your account must be Authentic, Unique, Complete, and Noteable.

Wow, so being Verified is kind of a big time deal. How should an LA based artist celebrate this digital stamp of approval? Nothing seems more appropriate than captured content at the no-photos-allowed Chateau Marmont. So, I went to the Chateau for my first time with a curated group of BFFs. My great friend and production designer, Rose Curry, made me a blue, Verified sash, and we drank mimosas and documented staged cheers moments.

I posted a series of IG stories, and the engagement was high — an alarming number of DMs of congratulations and requests to catch up.

Instagram Story Series + Photos

120mm photo by Camille Cotteverte
35mm photos by Richie Costales