Quantum Entanglement

This three-part campaign project was created as an extension of the #blessed story world. This planned campaign’s failure played a big role in the film.

In real life, Christian Rizzuti asked his family, friends, and strangers on the internet for 2.5 million dollars to fund his Quantum Entanglement sci-fi feature film. It failed.

“This project aims to highlight the cheaplasts regime of human courtship through the lens of the future, where a lonely man courses through the galaxy on a spaceship in search of his Truelove, his Forechosen One, a creature of indeterminate age and uncharted biological origin, supplied to his mind's eye by an autonomous computer construct known to earthlings as The Social Calculus, the end result of all online dating, which matches everyone on earth across a self-provided or -authorized personality spectrum scan spanning over fifty thousand character traits.... Creating a full season of a television show is a great feat, and all scripts have already been written.”

Here is the fundraising trailer for the pilot:

Kickstarter Campaign + Videos