Partied to Death - Whitmer Thomas

“Partied to Death” is the single of Whitmer Thomas’ comedy music album, The Golden One, which was released on Hardly Art alongside his HBO/A24 one hour comedy special of the same name. All of Whit’s songs are autobiographical and intimate. This song is about how Whit’s mom was an alcoholic and literally partied to death. It’s emotional, vulnerable, groovy, and somehow fun even though the content is intense and sad.

I wanted to create a vibrant, surreal, funny, and strange music video — contrasting ugliness and beauty, youth and maturity, glam and grunge. I set out to explore the connection between the artist and the audience — the mysteries of attraction and how long ago heartache often remains part of our present. 

One of Vulture’s favorite videos of February
Special program official slection Vienna Shorts 2020 

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Artist: Whitmer Thomas
Music Video 
Runtime: 04:25

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