My Idea - YACHT

It’s a painful process being an idea waiting to be brought to life, waiting to become real. Many ideas never make it. With this music video, I dared myself to express the messy, surreal experience of my own creative process — the confusion of discovering My Idea’s meaning amidst the human day-to-day, the responsibility of bringing My Idea to life, and the magic of discovering that somehow, all along, some ideas know exactly who they are meant to be.

A motion capture actor struggles to reconcile his identity with the unrecognizable version of himself he portrays onscreen.

Alex Karpovsky, Claire L. Evans, Jona Bechtolt, Rob Kieswetter, Kailee McGee

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Offical Selection SXSW 2024

Artist: YACHT
Music Video 
Runtime: 6 minutes

© Kailee McGee 2024