The Person I Am When No One Is Looking

A confused LA filmmaker attempts to reshape her identity through a highly curated social media presence. As she blurs the line between fiction and reality, her public persona and true self become one.

"The Person I Am When No One Is Looking is the commentary on social media that so many creators have tried and failed to nail."

"One of the more definitive short films about the current state of social media and our culture’s obsession with it." 
-NoBudge, selected as one of NoBudge’s Short Films of the year

Short Film
Runtime: 18 minutes

Kate, Unhinged

Loosely set in a bubble adjacent to the extraordinary world of a pandemic and political revolution — Kate, Unhinged is about an unbalanced female friendship, Instagram engagement, entitlement, delusion, Hollywood, and connection or lack therof. 

A blossoming LA actress treats her doting filmmaker friend to a supposedly restorative Palm Springs getaway from quarantine, which quickly unravels into a maddening trip.

Winner of NoBudge’s Audience Award

A Cinematic Little Film
Runtime: 7 minutes

Actress, Kate Adams, and filmmaker, Kailee McGee, sit down in this exclusive Q&A to discuss their process as creatives, cinematic geniuses, and females in regards to their latest project — Kate, Unhinged. A special introduction by actor and male, Whitmer Thomas.

A Professional Q&A
Runtime: 7 minutes 33 seconds

#BLESSED is a narrative feature film presented as an authentic documentary. The film is entirely scripted and fictional yet has rich extended universe material that supports its validity as reality including a failed 2.5 million dollar Kickstarter.

Dallas Mapleshade, a delusional actress, hires filmmaker, Rich Costales, to make a feature documentary about her life to propel her into the spotlight. Dallas pays Rich to film her fighting for success with her career and in love, but Rich sees bigger potential for the film and continues rolling even after Dallas calls "cut."

Watch the feature film on NoBudge.

Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2015
Santa Monica Independent 2015
NoBudge Film Festival 2019
NoBudge Online Premiere 2019

Feature Film
Runtime: 82 minutes

we are the westenborgs


we are the westenborgs
is a striking portrait of teenage anomie. Filmed during a debaucherous weekend family vacation, Kailee McGee turns the camera on her family and herself, examining the ennui that accompanies adolescence as she follows her three half-siblings through a revelatory drug trip and the attempted return to innocence that follows. 

Feature Documentary
Work In Progress

Collecting Dust

Collecting Dust is a feature documentary film that looks inside The Sawdust Art Festival during the summer of 2010. The film takes an intimate five-month journey with the Sawdust’s artists as well as its employees and visitors.

The Sawdust Festival is an annual outdoor summer art show in Laguna Beach, California. Each summer, the 200 artists build their booths from the ground up for the two month show. The festival began in 1965 and has always been a non-juried show. Sawdust’s artists must make their own art and live in Laguna Beach.

I grew up at the Sawdust Festival. My childhood summers were spent in that Eucalyptus grove among artists and tourists. When I was eight years old, I began manning my mother’s booth, selling her paintings to the public. The Orange County Register wrote an article about me claiming I could sell you a dead dog in every color. I resented being and working there as all of my other friends had relaxing and free summers on the beach. If I could film the documentary again, I’d focus on the experience of returning to this place as an adult.

Feature Documentary
Runtime: 85 minutes