The Idea of a You

When two best friends accept a mysterious invitation to a handsome actor’s new Los Angeles home, the line between performance and reality disappears as the night unravels into debaucherous abstract relationship existentialism.

Cinematic Experience
Runtime: 35 minutes

The Person I Am When No One Is Looking

A confused LA filmmaker attempts to reshape her identity through a highly curated social media presence. As she blurs the line between fiction and reality, her public persona and true self become one.

"The Person I Am When No One Is Looking is the commentary on social media that so many creators have tried and failed to nail."

"One of the more definitive short films about the current state of social media and our culture’s obsession with it." 
-NoBudge, selected as one of NoBudge’s Short Films of the year

Short Film
Runtime: 18 minutes

Kate, Unhinged

Loosely set in a bubble adjacent to the extraordinary world of a pandemic and political revolution — Kate, Unhinged is about an unbalanced female friendship, Instagram engagement, entitlement, delusion, Hollywood, and connection or lack therof. 

A blossoming LA actress treats her doting filmmaker friend to a supposedly restorative Palm Springs getaway from quarantine, which quickly unravels into a maddening trip.

Winner of NoBudge’s Audience Award

A Cinematic Little Film
Runtime: 7 minutes

Actress, Kate Adams, and filmmaker, Kailee McGee, sit down in this exclusive Q&A to discuss their process as creatives, cinematic geniuses, and females in regards to their latest project — Kate, Unhinged. A special introduction by actor and male, Whitmer Thomas.

A Professional Q&A
Runtime: 7 minutes 33 seconds

Hi Ball x Whitty T

Whitty T is a digital creator, fashion icon, and cultural influencer brought to life by the hilarious Whitmer Thomas.

Hi Ball reached out to me to create some spon con on my Instagram. They sent me a brand deck and cases of product asking me to post videos and stories of myself drinking and enjoying their energy drink, but I felt compelled to do something more. Inspired by the sponsored "Creator Moments" that feature noteable influencers lightly sprinkled with the product, I created a digital moment fueled by natural sparkling bubbles.

Digital Video
Runtime: 02:56

#BLESSED is a narrative feature film presented as an authentic documentary. The film is entirely scripted and fictional yet has rich extended universe material that supports its validity as reality including a failed 2.5 million dollar Kickstarter.

Dallas Mapleshade, a delusional actress, hires filmmaker, Rich Costales, to make a feature documentary about her life to propel her into the spotlight. Dallas pays Rich to film her fighting for success with her career and in love, but Rich sees bigger potential for the film and continues rolling even after Dallas calls "cut."

Watch the feature film on NoBudge.

Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2015
Santa Monica Independent 2015
NoBudge Film Festival 2019
NoBudge Online Premiere 2019

Feature Film
Runtime: 82 minutes