All the Time - French Vanilla

We are constantly haunted by the unspoken pressure to develop and expand our personas on social media, personal websites, and dating profiles. We are addicted to our devices. We are hooked on consuming content. And, we are obsessed with connecting always — compulsively attempting to translate our real lives to idyllic digital selves. The desire to self-actualize through creating the perfect, curated public persona is very real. And, it’s bizarre, scary, and kind of sad. All the time, we are faking, pushing, and projecting — living our lives through a filtered lens and trying hard to show our friends, family, possible clients, and potential lovers that we are valuable, busy, relevant, and special. But, maybe the person we are trying the hardest to impress is ourselves.

I wanted to create a music video for “All the Time” that blurred the line between lived reality and digital fantasy while highlighting French Vanilla’s infectious energy and enthusiasm. I used the circle as a device to define this abstract world and to transport us through different realities and lenses. And, I wonder: do we try to make other people fall in love with us, so we can finally fall in love with ourselves?

Premiered on Stereogum
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Artist: French Vanilla
Music Video
Runtime: 02:48

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